Nonsensical Rambling

Nonsensical Rambling Greetings. Gree-tings. Odd word. Ger-ree-tings. It looks worse the more I look at it. I'm sorry, what? I wasn't listening... "Be quiet"? How much quieter can I get? You can't hear me. You're hearing the voices in your head say my words. Entirely your choice. A "fool"? A compliment.

What makes it tick?

I work best when I am sleep deprived and hungry, oh yes. I am the truthiest of all truth-tellers. All will fear the truthy truth that I truth at all.

It is kind of a waste of space, isn’t it?

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-post deleted-

Oh wow. A hot air balloon. At 6:50am. … I almost wish I was up there, but I think I’m afraid of heights. And now there’s a second balloon. Time for bed. Wouldn’t want to see anything else mildly interesting.

I know I’m a hypocrite, and there is almost zero probability that anyone will care what I say here apart from me… but even the slightest chance is enough to give a purpose and that’s just what I need right now.

There is no map. That was vague. I mean, there is nothing solid telling me where to go. I need to get my priorities in order. Sleep should be higher than entertainment… and so should study. But the voice that tells me these things is constantly lost in screaming. I don’t know what’s being so noisy… that’s why this sounds stupid. Believe it.

Why should I bother? This is the question… has been the question for too long; I think I need more thought-provoking hobbies. What is there at the end of this path? Or that path? If people’s lives can be changed for the better or destroyed after a single event, then what point is there in trying to achieve anything? That event is still going to make the plan redundant anyway.

There goes another voice. I can repeat the words in a sophisticated way but I can’t be bothered. Here: We must do things to pass the time. Let’s expand on this. Things must have meaning when they are done so that it gives us satisfaction. Satisfaction will lessen the likelihood of self-termination, potentially lengthening the amount of time to do stuff. Oh joy. Hush conscience.

I should be sleeping. The sun is coming up. Damn, the sun is up. I need sleep. Typing words that eventually won’t even matter to myself, let alone others, is hardly a responsible thing to be doing. There are those things called lectures; they’re probably important.

-sigh- What am I becoming? … What am I? Sleep…


I think I finally realized the moral of Super Mario Bros.

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I think I finally realized the moral of Super Mario Bros.

What a horrible world this would be if we all told the truth…